February Mayhem

So, as quick as February flew by for me, I had plenty of time to fit in lots of activities. Maybe I’ll elaborate later but for now it seems more fitting to give a quick outline of the on-goings of my favorite month.

Of course at the beginning of the month, the first main event if you will, was the Super Bowl. We all know my homies lost but that doesn’t mean we didn’t celebrate like winners until we were losers. Case in point, the skirt I made for my girlfriend, Nikki:

It looked way better than I had ever imagined a yellow towel skirt could. :)

We then had the feast to end all feasts:

Black and Yellow Tortilla Chips for our football field 7-layer Dip. Black and Yellow Cheddar Cheese Ball (covered in Poppy Seeds for those interested). Pittsburgh Pierogies. 2 flavors of home made chicken wings (not black, yellow OR a Pittsburgh staple but what’s a Super Bowl without wings?!). And the piece de resistance, the Black and Yellow (inside and out, it was a marble cake) Steelers cake!

I tried to make a terrible towel cake…yeah…didn’t happen. And I wouldn’t recommend this much black frosting on a cake. Ever. Let’s just say there is a LOT of blue food coloring in black icing. Moving on!

Jerry and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary for dating and our 1 year anniversary for being engaged with an amazing dinner at Pane Vino here in Rochester. Being a Monday and exactly 1 week until Valentine’s Day, we nearly had the place to ourselves. Just one other table occupied by 2 women. Uh-mazing. :)

We made Snow Cream for the first time:

Deeelicious and we have since made it twice more (lots of snow in February – woohoo!) with different extracts. One night was vanilla peppermint and another was vanilla raspberry. Both with half the sugar called for in Kelly’s recipe, both with chocolate chips added, both amazing.

In lieu of a birthday cake, I made Mr. B something much, much more appealing:

HOME MADE PEANUT BUTTER CUPS. ‘Nuf said. I may or may not have put one in my oatmeal for breakfast 3 days straight…may or may not.

I painted Jerry’s office as his birthday gift since we’re trying not to spend money on, well, anything and I had a Home Depot gift card.

I also cleaned out his closet:

Please notice that both of the above pictures are “Before” as I intend to do a more detailed post to reveal his “After” office! I’m sneaky like that. ;)

One morning, I woke up to this:

And asked myself, “Why we don’t let Eddie sleep on the bed EVERY night instead of just for the month of his birthday?” I also want to know how people live without pets! HOW!?

Towards the end of the month, I got snowed out of my driveway. Nothing new but I snapped a picture with my phone:

And then, when there were 2 days left of February, my girlfriends and I got all gussied up and went to a charity ball!

Just making sure you’re paying attention. ;) We trashed my kitchen and dining room getting ready for the Ugly Disco! Yes, it’s a charity event but no Cinderella here, folks!

Phew! That sums up the activities for February – what did you do?!

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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