Unexpected Surprise

So, I titled this post as I was sure that “unexpected surprise” was something that people say all of the time and now I’m starting to second guess myself. Isn’t it always an unexpected surprise? If it’s expected, isn’t it then not a surprise? Have I confused you, too? Or is it just me?

Anyway, I digress!

A few days ago when I got home from a pretty nondescript day at work (you know the kind, where you can’t remember leaving the house or what you did at work and the day seemed so long and so fast at the same time and you’re just plain exhausted), well, anyway, after all that, I came home to this:

Actually, I came home to these large, lovely packages hiding behind our recyclable bin in a giant pile of snow (b/c our mailman is awesome and knows we’re super paranoid about people stealing our packages) and the best part was they were both addressed to ME! ME! ME!

That meant I could tear into these bad boys like a hungry, chubby kid tears into his lunch in the cafeteria at 12:01PM. NOTE: I’m allowed to say this b/c I was the hungry, chubby kid. Please also NOTE: If you don’t want a package that is sent to my home to be opened immediately (and I mean so fast the empty box hits the floor before my keys are out of the front door lock) you should probably address it to Jerry…he practices self restraint and has the courtesy to call you in case we aren’t supposed to open the box until say, I don’t know, Christmas.

Oh, man, the contents of this box better be good with the length of this story.

I opened the heavy box first b/c well, doesn’t everyone?


Holy Dried Pomegranate Seeds, BATMAN! They go ALL the way to the bottom!

This is all of the bags (minus the one I had already torn open with my teeth and devoured half of) doubled up on each other. 25 delicious bags of my FAVORITE dried pomegranate seeds from my lovely sister, Cate, of LA!

I only wish Mr. Joe had heard my cries and opened up a local Trader Joe’s for me to stalk and in appreciation of my insistence, sent me a box of my FAVORITE dried pomegranate seeds!

The next town I live in, Trader Joe’s will be a requirement. The closer the better, like, right next door would be great. No kidding.

Once I calmed down from my pom high, I remembered the other box. It included some hand-me downs which are just as appreciated as the dried pomegranate seeds but didn’t elicit the same amount of excitement. ;)

A marriage book my sister never read and an Emily the Strange hoodie passed on by one of her friends (I was a HUGE Emily the Strange fan in High School but the black cat seems more appropriate now thanks to a little critter who has taken up residence in my abode).

SO. January is thisclose to being over and my sisters are really gunning for the Sister of the Year Award. I mean, Sarah started things off with finding me and JB the perfect wedding photographer and now Cate with my 7 month pom seed supply?!

If I ever complain about being the baby of the family, someone please smack me. What an embarrassment of riches. :)

PS I don’t actually think the pom seeds will last that long, that’s just the sell by date on them. I’ll be pleased if they last just 3! :)

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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