Resolution Solution

I’ve been meaning to revisit my New Year’s Resolutions from last year but I’ve been putting it off for one major reason: I know I failed. :(

BUT – one must press on and learn from one’s mistakes.

Let’s start with the things I succeeded in. That will make me feel better about myself. :)

  1. Quite working retail
  2. Produce/Direct
  3. Lose 20 lbs.
  4. Garden more
  5. Spend more time with Eddie
  6. Go on dates with Jerry
  7. Travel places I haven’t been
  8. Explore Rochester

So…8 out of 30 isn’t so bad, right? Right?!

I made a serious attempt the first few months to conquer the rest of the list and made it far enough on the next set to consider them partial successes:

  1. Read at least a book a month (it ended up being about a book every 2 months)
  2. Finish the bathroom (there is SO little left to do!)
  3. Cook 1 new meal a month (again, about once every 2 months)
  4. Begin and finish one (non-house related) project a month (I got quite crafty towards the end of the year and may have actually reached 12 crafty things in December alone)
  5. Go to church at least twice a month (made it until June!)
  6. Pay off a chunk of debt (not as much as I wanted but more than I was asked to)
  7. Go Camping (does staying in a Cottage/Mansion in the ADK count?)
  8. Blog about it (Got almost through the summer! BLARG!)

Some things were so far off my radar ALL year that they MUST be considered complete failures:

  1. Write a script
  2. Get a “new” bigger car
  3. Finish the living room
  4. Finish the dining room
  5. Finish my office
  6. Finish Jerry’s office
  7. Finish the breezeway
  8. Begin and finish master bedroom
  9. Begin and finish guest bedroom
  10. Learn a language
  11. Learn more about photography
  12. Learn more about cars
  13. Learn more about computers/web design
  14. No car transport for a week

I’m not pleased that this is the longest of the 3 lists but did you notice that I just barely squeaked by to have more than half of the items of my list from 2010 on the sort-of-kind-of-might-be-exaggerating-some-things-to-make-them-count semi-passing status?!


To be completely honest, it’s more of a to-do list than a list of resolutions so I’ve decided to keep on with my to-do list instead of making resolutions. Hence, my resolution solution = no resolutions!

Like how I just let myself off the hook there? Yeah, me too. ;)

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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5 Responses to Resolution Solution

  1. Jackie McKeating says:

    Emily, Somewhere around my 30 th yeard of life, I changed resoltuions to self improvemnt. I now make a short list, of 5 things I want to do in the coming year to improve my body, mind or spirit. I NEVER put alot of detailsor defining goals. Example, lose weight this year. So if I lose only 10 pounds, I’ve been successful. less pressure, more hope. Christina and I share our lists every year at the begining and end, and we cheer our successes and laugh at our failures. lol it’s been very uplifting and positive. In short, don’t put SO much pressure on yourself. You are an amzing young woman already!Love, jackie

  2. Sarah says:

    Emily – This is awesome. I think you did great! You did way more then anyone else I know. And even the ones you partially did were really great. I wish I had that much ambition. My biggest one this year is to loose weight and pay off debt. I think I can do it. I am going to start something soon. I don’t know what. But something. Love ya.

    • Miss Em says:

      Yay! I’m not the only one getting fit for my wedding! ;) Your 2 are 2 big things I’m trying to work on this year in general but like Jackie, no set goals, just aspirations.

      Love ya!

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