Stormy, Chocolaty January

Just over 24 hours after returning from islands and beachiness (Confession: It was freeeeezing in NC. Though the flurries lasted only long enough for you to notice them then disappear the wind was rick-diculous!) the Jer and I found ourselves knee deep in a snow storm trying to shovel my car out of the driveway to try to drive it back in.

Should I explain that?


Though the snow appeared to be higher than the hood of my car is tall, I decided in .6 seconds (I’m a little slow) that I could easily power through the bank left by the plow and make it to the cleared sidewalk (which I couldn’t actually see) and still have enough momentum to pull my back end (heavy as it is) through to the driveway.

I was incorrect.

Why I’m confessing this when there are no picture accompaniment? I’ll never know.

Once The Best Neighbors in the World™ realized I was trying to shovel my incredibly snow covered driveway, they joyfully trekked out their snow blower and saved my aching back.

No, silly, those are not Christmas lights! They are New Year’s lights and I’m still ecstatic that it’s 2011 and want to make sure everyone in my neighborhood knows it!

The snow doesn’t look so bad in the pic above but believe you me when I tell you the snow is laying it down more than Eazy E on a College Girl. Wow…that was dirty. I’m going to move on.

See? That’s even a silvery tinsel wreath on the front door welcoming the New Year. I’m not trying to make up my excitement. ;)

You see that stoop? It’s covered. If I stood next to that stoop you’d quickly see that the snizzle is coming up to my hizzle over there! (Uh, that’s hip, the snow is coming up to my hip over there).

Of course, I decided to snap a bazillion and 12 pictures of the controversial lights. I’ll spare you and just post 1:

Follow me now: Snow. Hot Chocolate. Snow. Hot Chocolate. Snow…

I decided last night would be the perfect night to make homemade hot cocoa for the first time. Marshmallows: Awesome. Hot Cocoa: Not so hot.

Still in the mood for chocolate the next morning, I decided, what the heck?

My stepmom, Jazzy Jax’s, shameless love for this stuff has led to my shameless love as well.

Into the oatmeal it goes!

Mmm…with peanut butter and Greek yogurt – a blissful way to start the day. :)


About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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