GCCCO: Day 17

Holy Bananas! I’m cutting it real close with this one!After a busy day of lounging and shopping I remembered it’s not all fun and games on vacation – I have to bake! ;)

These are Pumpkin Spice Sugar Blossoms and I’m going to have to give them a rating of OK. You see, I was misled by the name. I thought they would be way more pumkiny than they were (one look at the ingredients and any normal person would have figured that out before they started baking). The only pumpkin in the entire recipe is in the sugar!“Pumpkin Spice Sugar” Cookie would have been a good title for people like me who skim directions. The cookies are still quite good. I used dark chocolate kisses b/c I’m the baker and the recipe made exactly 2 dozen leaving loads of dark little kisses for me. :)

Also, I skipped the red food coloring when the yellow clumped and my container didn’t have a lid. I really should consider reading directions more seriously by now.

Anyone in the mood for an adorable picture of my neices?! Sure you are! :)Ogeez, alright, I took a photo of a photo b/c I’m lazy and, yes, I didn’t even completely crop out my wall. Whatever. Whose blog is this? That’s right.

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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