Birthday Boy

I want to tell you a little story about this guy:One day, my coworker seemed a little distressed so I asked her what was up. She explained to me that a friend of hers had a box of 4 kittens dropped off on her property line next to the woods. Her friend already had 4 cats from situations similar to this and so she called the shelters all over Rochester and they either weren’t accepting cats and kittens or the couldn’t guarantee that the strays would be put to sleep. My coworkers landlord didn’t allow pets at all.

My heart was pounding, my face was long, “Wait, can you adopt a kitten, Em?”

Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God.


Growing up, we’ve always had 2 cats and I loved how snugly they were and soft. But since I went away to college, I developed an allergy to cats. If a cat touched my bare skin it would get itchy and red, my eyes would start to water and my nose would get all stuffed up…but I did somehow remember a girl I used to work with years ago telling me that every time she got a new cat (she had 3 total) there would be a period of adjustment where she had to get used to their dander.


I knew Jerry didn’t want a cat. I had been asking him for awhile. Every time we’d see a black cat I’d explain how Eddie was lonely and could use a buddy and wouldn’t it be nice for Eddie to have a friend? (That’s another story entirely).


I explained to my coworker that I just couldn’t adopt a cat but I would help her find someone who could. She seemed bummed but said that would be a big help.

The next day, I saw my coworker approaching me in her car in the parking garage. I lifted my hand to wave hello and she came to a screeching halt.

“Emily, this is the kitten! Isn’t he adorable?!,” she held up an almost completely black kitten in my direction, “Wait for me, I want you to carry him in.”

Oh God, Oh God, Oh God, Oh God.

She pressed him into my arms. “I can really only foster him until we find another home,” I insisted, “He’s so cute and, gosh, is he tiny…”

I couldn’t stop visiting her office where he was holed up for the day so I could give him some love and attention.

That night, I brought the tiniest black kitten I had ever seen home to Jerry.

He melted. Jerry named him Quinn. And he was ours. :)

While writing this post I realized that I totally missed the original point of this post and also that today is Quinn’s 6 month birthday! My little guy is growing up so fast!

The original point of this post was to tell you about the big event that happened on Steelers Sunday for this little guy:He was reunited with one of his box mates! This is Bodie and he was adopted by my girlfriend Nikki’s boyfriend, Brian. Bodie found his way into the box with Quinn and his siblings. They were the last 2 to find homes so they got to spend a good amount of time together before going their separate ways.

They hung out on Sunday like old times and wore each other out so their sleepy parents could have a full night of rest without being woken up by kittens wanting to play. This may become a regular thing…

I’m in the midst of fixing up an Eddie and Quinn tribute page which I’ll share the link to later so stay tuned!

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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