GCCCO: Day 4 & 5

And we’re back!This weekend was jam-packed with baking goodness. Let’s get to it. :)

Saturday, I was feeling extra Christmas-y b/c we picked out our first REAL tree (more on that later). So a part of this Great Christmas Cookie Cook-Off is that I’m challenging myself to only make cookies I haven’t made before. And I’m explaining this bit to you now to let you know that I broke my own rule.

But rules are made to be broken. So I made gingersnaps. :)And they were delicious. I used a new recipe thinking that sort of counted and they turned out really well – though not at all like Darby’s, with the exception of the incredible flavor and crispy outside/chewy inside part. Which is all that matters to me anyway. :) These lovies are heading to work with Jerry tomorrow. That was part of the deal – weekday cookies go to my coworkers b/c I’m the baker and weekend batches head to the engineers.

Sunday, Sunday! This is when I realized that the fine folks over at epicurious actually whipped up an article on 25 Days of Christmas Cookies!

Um, hello? Epicurious? We’re on the same wavelength.

And I love you.

Just saying.

So I found these and was quite intrigued by the honey…so I made them.I don’t have the pictures of them finished b/c I actually baked them at my girlfriend’s house during game night (where they were quickly devoured and, sadly, will never make it to the engineers) plus I forgot my camera at her house, so…yeah.

I did figure out a trick that I’m sure many of you experienced bakers already know, you know, the bakers who thought of 25 Days of Christmas Cookies months before I did. You can make refrigerator cookies longer and rounder by rolling them back and forth in wax paper. Need a visual? Lucky for you I have one!

I’m finding there are a lot of little tips and tricks of the trade I’m learning along these 25 days. I’m learning quite a bit about myself as well. For instance, I love to bake but you couldn’t tell by looking through my cupboards. I own an ill-equipped kitchen for the amount of cooking baking I like to do. Hmph. Maybe Santa will help me out there. I’m going to compile a list of must haves that you will find in my kitchen as well as a wish list. You know, for the man in red. ;)

And as a “just so you know,” I wanted to tell you that Jer and I aren’t passed out in sugar comas over here. Tonight I made Potato Spinach Soup from scratch (which was a little bland but not too bad).My right thumb was injured in the process “just so you know”. I’m generally not that great at cooking and sometimes I hurt myself on silly things like potato peelers that cause injury to my phalanges that are necessary in baking.

Okay, that seems like enough information for today. Sorry about that last bit. It’s just crazy difficult to pick up cookie sheets and stir cookie dough when you have a chunk missing from your thumb. :(

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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