Eventful Events: Part 1

Oh yeah, it’s happening. “It” being my 9 days of vacation! This weekend started out the break quite nicely. :)


A “we have the week off so let’s party together” party hosted by a coworker and attended by almost my entire department from work. Oh, there are pictures, however, not many suitable for Grandmas to see so I’ll just leave you with this: NO 4LOKO.

Just. Say. No.

EVENT 2:On Saturday, Steve, our tree guy (it’s official, we have “a guy”), successfully took down our 50′ + fir pine tree that has been plaguing our backyard with pine needles every Fall since we moved in to our house in 2006.He even cut several slices of the trunk for me which I’m excitedly brainstorming ideas how to craft with them. And most of the time Steve was working, this is what the rest of us were doing:


My friend, Mackenzie, was so kind as to host a wine party! Every couple brought 2 bottles of the same wine. The original idea was the couple who brought the best wine would take home all the second bottles that were brought and host the next wine party. The winner was a non-entrant (wine-erita, anyone?) so there was no actual winner and we just swapped wines. Oh, and you better believe there was enough cheese present to make all of Wisconsin happy and we demolished it during a 3-hour game of Pictionary. (Which I don’t remember being as fun when I was a kid).


Sunday morning, Steve finished taking the tree from the backyard to the front for pick-up by the town (while I sipped on hot cocoa) then we headed to a little movie you may or may not have heard of:I thought it was okay but I’m not the biggest Harry Potter fan in the world. Of the 6 of us that went, the Harry Potterest of the group thought it was great how they made it darker and more mature as the audience and characters have all grown up.


Bones Marathon! Jerry and I have fallen quite hard for this show and recently (after months of Netflixing) have caught up to the viewers who watch it weekly. A small event when compared to what’s to come but an event worth noting, none the less. ;)

That takes us to the end of Sunday! The next few days are jam packed with eventful events so stay tuned!

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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