Livin’ On The Edge

This past weekend was somewhat successful in terms of working on projects around the house – I even managed to get Jerry to Home Depot to check out, wait for it, EDGERS!

They had a lot of choses if I wanted red but, no offense to those who have chosen red pavers or red mulch *shivers*, I’d like something a little more natural.

Without going out and buying expensive stones from the place at the bottom of the hill, I headed to Lowe’s for more options where I found…one.

GAH! (This is me pulling out my hair).

I ended up settling on the cheapest one which was the actually the closest to what I was looking for anyway and was surprised at exactly how cheap it was when I got to the checkout.

40 cents a pop for 40 edgers?!

Say whaaaat?

Turns out, I was being charged for the wrong edger which I discovered when I went back for 20 more.

Anywhooo, half of the front garden is now expertly edged and ready to block grass and weeds from encroaching on my garden!


Oh! This picture reminds me – we modified the far right side of the garden and put down grass seed to make everything look a little more under control.

B/c we need all the control we can get – in the garden and out. :p And it will look more under control when that grass grows in.

PP What does your garden look like these days? OH! I have the cutest mini strawberry plants from my mom in the front garden and I took a photo – enjoy!

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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