Mother, May I?

This Mother’s Day, my Mother, happened to be at my house!

Isn’t she cute? :)

Anywho, when Mom comes to town, she puts me to work.

You see, my Mom is the green thumb to end all green thumbs – I’d put money on her beating Martha at a grow-off. (Then again, do you really think Martha does any of her own gardening anymore? I think she’s too busy hanging out with P. Diddy).

This past Fall, my Mom and my Step-Dad, Tony (aka Zippy), helped us turn nasty, weedy, rocky, dirt filled front beds into yummy top soil filled beds:

After an early birthday trip to Lowe’s and a generous donation from my Mother’s own garden, we ended up with this:

Good start but there was still a lot to be done!

SO! To work we went on my front garden beds this past weekend. They were crazy overgrown with weeds that I had put off and put off from pulling. In my defense, it has been a cold and rainy spring! Exactly what those weeds love and exactly what I don’t.

However! In about an hour of starting, and working through some serious rain, Mom and I had all the weeds pulled and Jer-Bear and Zippy, had arrived back to the house with a truckload of mulch…yummy!

We The men laid out all the mulch while we Mom raked it out.

Where the heck was I?

Oh, that’s right, I was lugging the 3 boxes and 1 massive blue tub full of weeds out of the pouring rain and 60 mph winds.

No joke.

We just picked the weeds, who wants them blown all over the yard?!

We have crazy weather in Rochester, I feel I can say that as a fact. We have CRAZY weather.

For instance, Saturday night and all Sunday we had a fire going in the fireplace. And snow outside.

In May.

Still not kidding.

But we got it done and I even added some plants on Mother’s Day that Mom purchased for me even though I have no children (unless you count Crazy Eddie).

We even had enough mulch left over to cover around the tree and my little pansy pot:

Being that it was Mother’s Day, when she got home, Mama got to stop by her favorite farm stand/nursery where a gift certificate was waiting for her.

All went well, even though someone forgot to tell Zippy we didn’t want mulch over the newly placed grass seed in front of the stoop. Oh well.

Now all that’s left for me to do is weed and mulch the side garden, install pavers around the beds, update the front door area, add a planted shrub by the other front door, oh yeah, and the backyard.

The whole thing.


PP Did anyone else get their garden gloves dirty recently? Did you send Mom a nice little surprise? Fill me in!

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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