Dremel Me This

I got a Dremel!

We haven’t even gotten it out of the box yet but I’m so excited with its prospects that I just had to let you know, I HAVE ONE!!! :)

I love birthday time.

Even though this was not exactly a birthday present and I did ask for it for Valentine’s Day, the “It’s my birthday?” schtick won on this when we were at Lowe’s last night!

Heeheehee…oh the fun we will have, little friend!

First project:

Revealing the windows from behind the beadboard.

Oh yes, you will find out how it goes. :)

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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4 Responses to Dremel Me This

  1. ohio aunt says:

    Nice birthday gift!!! Once I got a router.I wanted to put names and addresses on boards and stain them.Has not yet happened. That was 10 years ago.

    • Miss Em says:

      Bah! Hahahaha! Sounds like something I’d do (like get an awesome sewing machine for Christmas and not open it up even 4 months later :)! This one needs to be used though…in fact, it will be used momentarily!


  2. erica says:

    What a hidden treasure! I got a dremmel thing it is the best! It has different attachments that I use to make props for school plays and home stuff, like sanding windows, cutting holes in stuff. Makes yo feel powerful!

    • Miss Em says:

      I hate to admit that I haven’t gotten to use mine yet! Jerry and I aren’t ready to replace the windows just yet (money, time, etc) and leaving the beadboard up like that gives just a pinch more privacy in there. Totally unattractive, I know…it’s amazing the things you’ll actually put up with that you never thought possible! :p

      However, I am determined to get this bathroom done as soon as possible! You know what, maybe we’ll deal with the windows tomorrow…


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