Today was my first day at my new job.


One of the “things” that was keeping me away from you guys was the craziness of trying to fit in a job interview, phone call follow ups, form filling and faxing for my NEW job around the ridiculous schedule of my OLD retail job.

I mentioned in my goals post for last month that I was able to work on resolution #1 in February but submitting a resume and was able to fulfill resolution #1 in March by accepting the job offer!

Say it with me now –


Today was Day 1 and it couldn’t have gone better…that was a lie.

My Aunt Flo showed up and tried to mess up the bliss of first day-dom but unlucky for her, everything was under control.

Call it woman’s intuition but I knew she was gonna try to screw up my day!

If you didn’t think I overshare too much before, welcome to the after.

And while we were waiting for our orientation leader, I couldn’t get this ridiculous sharp pain out of my throat that was making my eyes water like crazy which is not good for business b/c who wants runny mascara on their first day?

Luckily for me I was wearing Clubbing Mascara by Bourjois (open the link, it’s mildly entertaining if you’re really bored) which is rumored to be everything proof b/c it has vinyl in it. True story. Clubber approved.

It may have been my nerves but whatevs. It ended and I couldn’t stop smiling all day.

What a day I’ve had.

More on it all later.

I’m exhausted with reason for once!

PP Any new adventures happening in your lives? OH! I almost forgot, #1 makes me think of this now. If you know Jerry, start the video at about 0:33 and you won’t be sorry. (Make sure you put it on the full screen and use your imagination). Tell me  if you don’t die laughing. :)

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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