Mail Time

It has begun!

Wedding talk, that is. :)

Are you EXCITED?

Good b/c I’m not.

Let me explain…

My first venture into wedding-dom was an epic failure. I thought I would run on the bride wearing colorful shoe train so I ordered a pair of purple heels off of the internet last week.

Yesterday I got these in the mail:

When you’ve managed to stop laughing, I’ll be here waiting.

And yes, I have very large feet for a girl my height.

I have decided on the bridesmaids dress color and thought it’d be fun to match them in some way.

Not so much.

Once I, myself, stopped laughing at the hooker heels and the “you can hardly call this purple” purple, I let my feelings of “WTF?! I have to plan a wedding?!” overwhelm me. Suddenly I feel old. Grown up.

And who wants to be grown up?


The heels were surprisingly comfortable (coming from someone who maybe wears heels 3 times a year) but the heel is a little to large and slips right off so they’re going back (or onto craigslist so I don’t have to deal with the shipping, we’ll see). Oh, darn.

But then today, I got a much better package in the mail.

It was from my lovely step-mother, Jackie.


It came with an “instant gift box” that is magnetized and snaps right together (easy peasy, wedding box squeezy!) to store receipts or business cards, a book from my Dad (to add to my Ireland collection), and a sweet card explaining what the heck it all was for (b/c I really had no idea – I’m that dense; I mean, obviously I knew what the wedding book was for but the other two had me totally confused).

Thanks to today’s package I feel like I’m ready to get back on the wedding planning horse. It can’t be all bad.

For real, I get to go to bakeries and they’re going to give me cake to test? For free?

It may take me a year to figure out just the cake! ;)

PP I’m still accepting wedding tips and advice (forever and ever, amen)! Do you like the colorful shoe idea (aside from the mess I picked out already – seriously, google it, it’s a cute idea)? How did you stay organized when planning your wedding? Let me know!

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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4 Responses to Mail Time

  1. Lovely Step-Mother, Jackie says:

    You are so very welcome!!lol
    My advice, figure out the date(s), the place and the church if applicable. All the rest are details you can work on.
    I like the color idea.
    If you want to keep costs down, there are kits at Michaels for invitations, save the dates, etc.
    Love the shoes, I’d keep ’em for your honeymoon.

  2. sartenada says:


    Nice looking shoes indeed. Did I understand correct that You are now going to wed? Sorry for my stupidity. If so, when?

  3. Miss Em says:

    Yes, Matti! I am going to get married! We haven’t set a date yet. I’ll be posting all about it!


  4. sartenada says:

    Oh how happy I am when reading this!!! This is really good news. I wish all the good for Your future. Congratulations.

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