Trial Tuesday: Quesadilla Maker

Introducing our newest gadget:

No, it didn’t come with the plates, peppers and cheese. Stay with me here.

We actually got this Sante Fe Quesadilla Maker for Christmas.

Jerry has been wanting one of these for quite some time.

We love mexican food, we make burritos or quesadillas at least once a week.

At least.

So here are the pros:

  • Cuts the time of making a quesadilla in half (no flipping the tortillas in the pan, both sides get done at the same time)
  • The ring around the outside helps to seal your contents in the quesadilla (until you cut it into pieces but this is the “pros” section)
  • The tortilla gets nice and cruchy…mmm…

The cons:

  • When making a quesadilla with only cheese in it (ie a really thin quesadilla) the lid doesn’t close all the way! The two front triangles barely get cooked before the back and bottom are done.
  • Somehow these nice little pockets are created by sealing the triangles shut but there is really no way you could get more than cheese and a little shredded meat in each pocket (ie no room for peppers).
  • It’s another quirky appliance that takes up space when I can basically do the same thing in my Calphalon pan.


The reason I haven’t trialed this before now is b/c we were trying to see if we could return it somewhere. The quesadillas do come out really yummy but it doesn’t seem worth the hassle, especially since the front pieces don’t get fully cooked.

This bothers Jer-Bear the most.

And now that we found out we can’t return it, he’s going to try out his engineering skills on the hinge so that it comes down more in the front.

B/c girls only want boyfriends who have great skills (name that movie!).

It really was a great gift for us (we love mexican, we love quesadillas) but I guess it’s a better idea than an actual product. :(

PP Have you tried any kitchen gadgets or “as seen on TV” type products that you love? Any you are still crying over your spent money about? Let me know!

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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