In my family, when you say “The Girls” you are referring to these two:

And if you say “The Twins” it is understood that you are talking about these two:

(In case you’re curious, they are all cousins of mine, and Alek and Grace are in the 4th grade and as tall as me. Just in case you were wondering).

So my mom and step-dad, Tony, have given the newest set of “girls” and “twins” a new name. The bambinos.

And they were here this weekend:

Somebody, most likely Grandma Jan, taught little Abs and Ema how to say “cheese” when a camera is around.

Yeah, we melted.

We also tried to give los bambinos bath time in the shower stall in our upstairs bathroom (since the Misters were tiling the downstairs bathtub).

It didn’t go very well.

They may need therapy when they’re older b/c of it.

Anywho, there was no photo shoot during this trip.


It was just too crazy to try and get them dressed up and sitting pretty.

Let’s just say they love exploring new places.

And, much like their Auntie Em, they love to stay in their pajamas as long in the day as possible. :)

PP What did you do this past weekend? Oh, and for the record, instead of happening every Tueday, “Trial Tuesday” will only happen on Tuesdays that I actually have something new to trial. (I am on a budget, peeps!)

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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4 Responses to Bambinos

  1. Sarah says:

    My babies are so cute! So Em, bet you didn’t realize the first two pics are both Emalyn…hahaha

  2. Kim says:

    Sarah’s not Bias or anything! Don’t tell her but they are both pretty special little people! They are my favorite little family I hope you really enjoyed your time with them!

    Now to trial Tuesday you don’t need cash for Trials my friend, what about using toothpaste to clean jewelry or Baking soda with a touch of Cinnamon to freshen carpets, ohhh yes I have a million Ive never tried so think it over and let us know. Maybe the answer to the budget thing is for us to hire you to do these trials? Oh wait that wont work, because we are on a budget, Darn so some of my ideas are duds. Sorry

  3. Miss Em says:

    Well some of them are still good, Kim! Give me some more of these recipes and when I get off my lazy bum I can try to whip some up!


  4. sartenada says:

    So lovely baby photos!!! They are really cute.

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