Valentine Baby

Er, puppy.

Allow me to officially introduce you to Eddie:

Blog readers, this is Eddie.

Eddie, these are my blog readers.

Now, it’s story time:

4 years ago on February 10, 2006, I sent an e-mail to Jer-Bear with a link from Petfinder while he was at work.

I must have sent Jerry 100 of these e-mails.

More even. Tons. Tons of “potential dog” e-mails littered his work inbox from June (when we moved in together) until this seemingly usual day in February.

Jerry wouldn’t make up his mind. He seemed to want a dog but he kept coming up with excuses:

“Very active? Emily, “very” is written in all caps – we live in an apartment.”

“It says this one needs a lot of training. We really don’t have time for that.”

“Seriously? An Irish Wolfhound?”

I tried and tried and tried and was beginning to lose hope.

Even so, I tried again.

And this time was different.

On that evening of February 10, 2006, when the man came home from work, he said he’d like to go see this dog – what’s his name?


We made the trek out to the Beverly Animal Shelter in Waterloo, NY on February 11, 2006.

I was unreasonably nervous.

Even more nervous than when Jerry and I decided to move in together for the first time, 3 hours away from our nearest relatives.

We accidentally drove by the shelter twice before we entered the shop and told the clerk we were interested in adopting a dog we saw on Petfinder.

“Oh! Sure thing! Let’s head over!”

The building next door was the kennel.

As soon as the door squeaked open we were overcome by the roar of a hundred dogs jumping higher on their cage doors than I am tall.

I grabbed Jerry’s hand.

“Go ahead and take a look; all names and the sex are on the sheets attached to the cage door.”

Slowly walking hand in hand down the center of the only hall, Jerry took the left side and I took the right.

“I think that’s him.”

Jerry whispered it but was still walking.

“You saw him?”

I glanced back and caught a glimpse of a white dog in the back of his kennel.

“Yeah, I think so.”

For whatever reason, maybe as to not offend the dogs in the back of the kennel, we kept walking. Reaching the end, we turned around to see the clerk with a question on her face. Jerry found his words first.

“Could we see Eddie?”

She nodded and we met her at Eddie’s cage.

He was chubbier than in his photo and cuter.

WAY cuter.

He was laying on a blanket next to his water bowl completely oblivious to the fact that we were there for him.

The other dogs continued barking and jumping as we exited the kennel to take him for a quick walk around the property.

I couldn’t stop smiling.

“He’s it?”

I nodded.

“He’s it.”

We informed the clerk we would like to adopt Eddie and she told us that while that was great news, Eddie wouldn’t really be up for adoption for 3 more days.

In New York, you can’t adopt out a dog until he’s been in the shelter for 10 days…just in case someone lost him and is planning on coming back for him.

She told us in this case that this was unlikely and then told us his story.

Eddie’s former owner had been evicted from their apartment and it wasn’t a good situation.

The landlord brought the cops on the final eviction day and found Eddie sitting on the couch with the TV on.

The renters had left and abandoned Eddie.

The shelter workers weren’t even sure of Eddie’s name.

“When you come back for him in 3 days, you can name him something different. I don’t think he’s used to Eddie yet, it shouldn’t confuse him.”

3 days!

We finally found the dog for us and we couldn’t have him for 3 days!

What if that no good evictee came back?

Would they just hand over our dog to them?

The next 3 days I was a ball of nerves.

Jerry was as cool as a cucumber, he had no doubts that Eddie would be joining our family.

And he was right.

3 days later, on Valentine’s Day 2006, I took the 45 minute drive out one more time.

Signed a bazillion papers, paid my $75 shot fee and strapped him in to the car for his first ride home.

So now, every Valentine’s Day has a special meaning for our small family. Eddie’s Adoption Day!

PP Do you have a dog? Did you adopt? Tell me your dog-gone story!

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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5 Responses to Valentine Baby

  1. Shady says:

    What a great post, a great story. Eddie is a lucky dog. Thank you for adopting.

  2. Miss Em says:

    Hi Shady – Welcome to the blog!

    Adoption was the only way we’d go. And if we ever get our old man a buddy, he too will be adopted. It’s so important to us that people know we adopted Eddie and know that all shelter dogs can be just as great as he is – they just need love and to be taken care of.

    We encourage all of our friends and family to adopt pets, as well. So all you blog readers out there if you’re interested in a family pet, check your local shelters or to help you find the newest addition to your family. :)

    -Miss Em

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  4. Catebrigid says:

    This made me cry! I love you guys and I’m so glad you adopted Eddie. What a perfect little family! ;)

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