Bathroom: Chapter 3

Soooo….I bet you forgot about my bathroom renovation stories.

Well, if you didn’t, I did. So here it goes.

First, let’s get a refresher of where we left off:

Lighting fixtures and cabinets in (and a quick prime).

Apparently, then the tile demo happened but this is my story and I like it this way.

So I painted.

B/c that’s what I do.

And, usually I’m home alone when I paint (JB wants NO part of painting) so there aren’t many pictures. Here’s what I’ve got:


And that’s not even an accurate picture of the color. So we’re gonna have to go to the floor.

And somehow by the powers of another universe, Jerry painted the floors.

I don’t know how I convinced him to get the paintbrush into his hand but there had to be some sort of bribery involved.

So…there aren’t any photos of the yellow tile turning white. Mostly b/c it smelled so bad in there that I wouldn’t go near it until it was done.

You see, when painting a tile floor there are MANY steps and MANY coats of paint.

I have no patience.

Jerry does.

This is starting to sound like the discussion that led us to choosing Jerry to paint the floor instead of me.

But why did we chose to paint the floor instead of replacing it or tiling over it?

  1. The tile appears to be laid in cement. No joke. A few loose tiles revealed a fine layer of the grey good stuff.
  2. We didn’t want to tile over it b/c that would lead to moving the threshold of which we have two.
  3. I really kinda dig the tile pattern. (Just not in black and yellow b/c, hello, aren’t you dizzy just looking at that craziness?)

So instead this happened:

  1. Lightly sand the tile to give the paint something to grip onto.
  2. Prime the floor with oil-based paint.
  3. Prime the floor with oil-based paint.
  4. Paint the floor with oil-based paint.
  5. Paint the floor with oil-based paint.
  6. Paint the floor with oil-based paint (no kidding).
  7. Coat the floor with water-based polyurethane.
  8. And again.
  9. And again (lightly sanding between each coat).

We used oil-based primer and paint b/c the paint guy at Sherwin Williams told us it would probably be the most durable and have the best coverage.

We went with water-based poly b/c oil-based tends to yellow.

And there was no way I was letting anything yellow get into my new white bathroom.

Except Jerry’s shirt.

You can imagine our surprise when we noticed the floor tile starting to yellow after only a few days.

JB was sure it was b/c he sanded too much and the yellow was coming through from underneath (he actually said after one of the sanding steps that he thought he went a little too far).

But we had friends coming over that weekend and we wanted a functioning bathroom so he installed the toilet and sinks (to be discussed at a later date) and repainted months later.

Actually, closer to today’s date than when originally painted.

Nevertheless, we had white floors! WOOHOO!!!

Until two days later.

The floor started yellowing again. Remarkably not as badly as the first time but still, yellowing is present.

Yes, IS present.

What I’m guessing is we should have used water-based primer and water-based paint and water-based poly to make sure no yellowing occurred. We didn’t think of that until it was too late and now I’ve exhausted Jerry of all of his painting patience and we are left to deal with slightly yellow white floors.

My bathroom is destined to always have a little yellow, I suppose.


Why do you hate us, Caroline? I’ll put yellow somewhere else in the house, for Pete’s sake!

Or…your sake. Whatevs.

With the rugs down it doesn’t look so yellow but with all the white in there…it’s hard for me to miss.

Maybe some day when I’m feeling like I’m not overwhelmed with projects to do I’ll sneak out to the store and repaint the floor with all of the water-based goodies I can get my hands on.


PP I should mention that every painting “expert” we attacked with questions had never heard of painting tile before. However, we did some online research (gotta love free information sharing on the web!) and found out that it is possible. The instructions we found were vague at best so we concocted our own. Also, none of the paint we used said good for use on floors or tiles so we were kinda shooting from the hip. Have you ever painted tile? Have any tips for us? Or want any tips from us? Like, don’t paint in the winter b/c you need the windows open for ventilation of oil-based paint and they are hard to close when the floor is wet and you’re about to go to bed?

We both had high GPAs that led to college degrees that boasted latin words on them meaning we’re smart. You think we could have figured this one out before it was a problem. :p

Oops! That looks like a sneak peak at the next step! :)

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I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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