January/February Goalies

One month down in 2010! Woohoo!

Disclaimer: The above is an old NYE picture and yes, I had been drinking.

ANYWHO, wanna know how am I doing on those resolutions?

Well, most of my resolutions weren’t specific to months but a few were and some progress is being made on several others so without further ado, let’s review:

Monthly Items:

#4. Read at least a book a month SUCCESS!

#16. Cook one new meal a month PARTIAL SUCCESS!

#19. Begin and finish one (non-house related) project a month FAIL!

#21. Go to church at least twice a month SUCCESS!

Ongoing Items Worked On This Month:

#6. Lose 20 lbs.

#7. Finish the living room

#8. Finish the bathroom

#17. Spend more time with Eddie

#18. Go on dates with Jerry

#24. Learn more about photography

#30. Blog about it

Want an explanation?

– My book report will come later this week (and I actually read it to help me with #22 HINT).

– My “new meal” was a new recipe for an old meal (pancakes) that wasn’t that great so I decided not to blog about it.

– I’m not sure what I even meant by “non-house realted project.” Actually, I am. I have a huge list of projects (the kind of art and crafts) but most of them have to do with decorating. So I’m going to focus on dwindling down that list and making some art around here. Next month I will have something to report on about that, I can feel it!

– Not only did the mister and I go to church twice this month, we went 4 times! It’s addictive. I know can understand how people can get drawn into cults. We went three weeks in a row, missed a week and then went back for our fourth. I felt so lousy all week after we skipped. Was God trying to tell me something? Probably not. But I am enjoying it and Jerry is glad he’s going again, too.

– You may already know I’m blogging about working out (hello, the post before this one) but I’m still not doing very well with the whole eating thing. Starting tomorrow (my schedule got all messed up today) I’m going to be following a one week detox I found in Glamour magazine and if I can follow it I’m going to shoot for the month long version.

– Moulding (which I just found out is spelled that way) has been going up in the bathroom and living room and we are SO excited about it!

– JB, me and Eddie have been going on weekly walks. Since we moved into the house with a large fenced in yard we’ve gotten lazy and just let him out when he has to “go” but he’s gaining weight with us and it’s not healthy. When we adopted him he was 50 lbs. and his vet says he’s good around 35 (which he was at until his most recent visit where he’s back up to around 40, yikes!) So we added family walks to our weekends to make sure we all get off our patooties.

– Jer-Bear and I saw Sherlock Holmes earlier in the month and sadly, that’s the only real “date” I think we went on. Poo…let’s do better on that one this month (and by let’s I mean me).

– The camera has come off of automatic mode more times this month than it has in the past year we’ve owned it…and the pictures suck. But I’m working on that. :p

I don’t have much to add for new goals in February. I really hope I can keep up this pace – wish me luck!

PP How are all of your resolutions? Did you even make any?!

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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2 Responses to January/February Goalies

  1. Sarah says:

    Love the pic. You look like total hottness. haha…Is that even a word?

  2. Miss Em says:

    It is now! Love it!


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