Dining Room: A Journey

Our dining room was a disaster area.

Can you find Eddie? The poor guy (as well as the mister and me) was living in a danger zone!

But I’m jumping ahead.

This is how our dining room started:

Don’t you love the floral border, vinyl wallpaper, lace curtains, wrought iron accent, golden chandelier and the best part of all: the lilac built-ins?!

Yeah, we didn’t either.

Going through all of these old pictures is making me wonder why Jerry and I ever thought we could renovate this house to our liking in the first place.

You may be right, we may be crazy.

Just outside that lovely 10′ picture window on the left is our covered patio.

You can look at it, you just can’t get to it.


You see, we have a dog. His name is Eddie. He likes to go outside to pee…most of the time.

And it was a little ridiculous to have to walk through the house, out the kitchen and through the breezeway to get him out.

Or us.

Because we’re lazy, too. And what if we’re barbecuing? It would just be sooo much easier to have a door in the dining room leading out to the covered patio.

Enter the first major DIY project that happened in our humble home:

This is not the first day that the plastic was up. I need to explain that.

This was the first room JB and I redid. Or tried to rather.

Once we peeled away all the wallpaper, the paint and walls above the window were crumbling.

Literally flaking off and turning into dust.

Oh no!

The house was built in the 50s!

There were pamphlets in the built in about lead paint!

Eddie’s going to die!

We’re going to die!


We lived with that plastic up for at least a month maybe longer.

Nobody died.

That’s Dan the Man on the left! Master DIYer extraordinaire!

And the plastic actually helped us with this project by keeping the dust and debris from going into any room but the dining room.

I mean, that’s why we did it in the first place.

That’s what I said, right?

Okay, so I’d love to tell you all about the install but I had to remove myself from the premises as not to freak out and stall the whole project.

They were putting a hole in the side of my house.

None of them had ever done this before.

And I couldn’t sue them if the screwed it up b/c they were all family.

Sarah and I went shopping.

All day.

The door installation was finished after night fall.

I just realized that is a bra by the hammer in that photo…interesting.

I have more photos of this project but I can’t find them anywhere so I leave you with how the dining room came together:

I have since strained my cookbook collection to the ones that I use and/or think I would like too. Yes, for someone who can’t cook, I sure do love my cookbooks!

I really want new curtains and would love to paint the walls (Chocolate Cheesecake isn’t doing it for me anymore). I’m thinking something lighter and brighter…and the door still needs molding!!! (Sounds like a job for Walter DeWalt!)

Fun Fact: I painted the dining room with the left over paint from the living room (that I ended up painting over shortly after it was dry) so it was technically free!


  • Chandelier: $50 from Lowe’s
  • Curtains: $12 for 2 from Walmart clearance
  • Table & Chairs: $100 from a discount furniture store in Stamford, NY
  • Rug: $60 from Ikea
  • Wall Art: €4 from Trinity College Bookstore
  • Frames: $1 each from Walmart clearance
  • Plant: Free from Mom

Total: $230 & €4

PP Think I should change the paint and curtains? Okay, I know I should change the curtains. They’re almost as bad as the ones that were left for us in the living room when we moved in. Blech. What color do you think I should paint it? Have any curtains you love that I may love and use as inspiration for paint and the rest of the room? Did you notice the built ins are now the same color inside as the walls? *sigh* Simply pleasures…

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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2 Responses to Dining Room: A Journey

  1. sartenada says:

    Yes, I can see Eddie the “supervisor”. I guess that he helped You by supervising very much in this huge project. :)

    Great presentation, I love it.

  2. Miss Em says:

    Thanks, Matti!

    Eddie was a real trooper to put up with us through all of our major renovations. (And a great supervisor, too!)


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