Bathroom: Chapter 2

First comes demo, then comes…medicine cabinets?

That’s right. We started putting the bathroom back together with a little installation of cabinets and lights.

Actually, the lights came first.

You see, when we tore it all down we were left with this:

Actually, this is before we tore it all down.

Actually, maybe I should learn how to tell a story. :p

That is what we were left with after we took down the 80s tri-panel vanity mirror/medicine cabinet. Obviously, the previous owners didn’t see a reason to patch the hole when you can just cover it up with a monstrosity of a mirror with giant, exposed bulbs for lights – we are not in show business, we do not need exposed bulbs above our mirrors.

Jerry rigged (get it!) the wiring upwards and we got this:

Oh no! Our secret is exposed! Okay, okay, we didn’t finish demo before we started rebuilding – entirely my fault.


The hole had to be dealt with so, you may have guessed, it too was “Jerry” rigged.

Next, the nook was primed and the cabinets hung (and,unfortunately, this is the best picture I have):

Silly DIYers! Who needs cabinets when you can barely step in the room without getting cut with ceramic tile!?

Hahahaha – I do.

That’s who.

Another thing happened on the way to the colosseum:

Jerry rigged the backer board to the studs so we can someday (Lord, please, someday!) install tile! Straight to the ceiling as God intended.

Oh, and I forgot to mention outlets. There are NO outlets in this bathroom. None. Zilch. Nada. So did we install any while Jerry was playing with electrical wires?


This is our main bathroom and it gets a lot of use when we have guests over but for the overnighters there is a bathroom upstairs (a few steps from their guest bed) that has an outlet and, most likely, he will get a buddy when we get to that project.

As for where I do my prettying up (b/c a girl needs some appliances to make her hair do what she wants), the mister and I are pretty fortunate to have a large master bedroom where I have a lovely vanity with its own set of outlets. :)

PP Do you have tile only up to your forehead in your shower? Is it not the most preposterous thing you have ever seen? Or are you mini, like myself, and it doesn’t really matter to you either way? Those last two photos really get you ready for no more yellow, don’t they? *sigh* Keep dreaming. Floor painting is next!

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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