Allow Myself To Introduce…

…myself. Just kidding (name that movie!)

I’d actually like to introduce you to the newest member of my family! (No, Sarah, I am not pregnant nor did I adopt a child overnight but I have a feeling Dan The Man will like this better).

I have been dreaming of baseboards and crown molding since the day JB and I raced each other over the threshold of our old new home. And I have been very patient (my story not Jerry’s). So when the lovely Mrs. Katie Bower asked her obsessive loyal readers what we wanted for Christmas I knew exactly what I wanted – kinda. Do I really want molding more than an oven that’s less than twice my age?


Welcome home, Walter! Merry Christmas, Jerry and Emily!

I have been waiting for this little guy for a looong time. Like, since the day I was born, long time. Or, you know, it may have been exactly a month…but who’s counting?

And to Katie, my boyfriend will be eternally grateful that you put the DeWalt bug in my head. (I will be, too, once we get to cross “molding in the entire house” off of our to-do list!)

PP (Post-Post, get it now?! I’m so clever sometimes). What projects are you working on these days? Did you get any good tools for Christmas? (And no, your in-laws don’t count). Is your oven older than dirt like mine?! Do tell!

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I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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9 Responses to Allow Myself To Introduce…

  1. Saaa WEEEET!

    XO – KB

  2. sartenada says:

    Wow. That DeWalt must be very useful. I had at first seeing problems to understand what there was in first photo, but by enlarging it, I got the idea. To me its look was so futuristic! :)

  3. Miss Em says:

    Hahaha! My oven is anything BUT futuristic, Matti! It is original to my 1950s house and I do love it but it is very small and doesn’t bake breads very evenly. And I love to bake. So this is a problem for me. :


  4. How did you go about picking which type of saw to get? There’s so many kinds and I get utterly confused.

  5. Miss Em says:

    Hey, Amanda!

    Well, when Katie Bower over at suggested a DeWalt I started to look into it. (Typically we buy Black & Decker b/c they have been pretty reliable tools for us). A few reasons why we decided to switch over:

    1. The miter scale (where you can read the angles and whatnot) isn’t just a sticker adhered to the base it’s an actual piece that has etched in number marks and can easily be screwed out if something (God forbid) is ever to happen to it.

    2. The fence (the piece that holds the wood straight) is machined to the base. Translation: it will never get loose and your board will always be straight.

    3. The miter lock lever (where you fix the blade on an angle) actually clamps to the base so as your tightening the lock, you’re less likely to loose your place. (If you have one that screws in, it’s more likely that your angle may drift while you’re tightening the lock).

    4. We chose the 10″ b/c it suits the projects we’ll be working on in our home. We will mostly be cutting baseboards and crown molding.

    5. DeWalt is known for it’s quality power tools and being that a compound miter saw is a pretty sizable investment we wanted to make sure we chose a good brand. (Also, the 3 year warranty doesn’t hurt).

    6. My brother-in-law is a DeWalt man and we are endlessly trying to impress him. Just kidding…sort of. ;)

    I’m pretty sure #1-3 are exclusive to the DeWalt miter saws, too.

    Also, Amanda, we drilled the Lowe’s guy with all of our questions about it and he was able to answer them to our satisfaction and with ease b/c he owned the very one we ended up buying. We haven’t busted it open yet so I would suggest you go in and ask some questions, too. Maybe your Lowe’s guy owns one and has some really good insider tips (just be sure to come back here and share them!)

    As for why we chose Lowe’s, we had a 10% off coupon, they have a 30 day price adjustment if our baby goes on sale even more and we couldn’t find a better price at any other home improvement stores. Trust me, we looked.

    Hope this helps! :)


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