Living Room: A Journey

So because I’m new to blogging and we’ve owned our home for over three years now, I thought I would just go ahead and share some of the upgrades we have made.

Slowly. They were very slowly made but I’ll try to be quick about explaining them here.

Let’s start with the living room, shall we?

Circa 2006:

What’s not to love, right? WRONG!

Obviously I’m a fan of peach, but this nude color made me want to gag (it may have been all the dirty fingerprints but let’s move past that). And those cutrains? They were so heavy they were literally pulling down the wall. And the carpet? Looks kinda clean, right? WRONG! It was even worse than the walls. Who puts cream colored carpet in areas of the home that have heavy traffic? BAD idea, Caroline.

Sidebar: Let me tell you about Caroline. Mrs. C was the previous owner of our lovely abode. Her passing made it possible for us teenagers 20 somethings to afford a wonderfully-too-big-for-us starter home. And our realtor told us she may have passed away in the house (which we believe, trust me, more on that yummy story a little later). We always ask Caroline how she likes our renos when we finish b/c we’re sure she wouldn’t like the process one bit.

First things first! Those nasty walls.

If you enlarge the first picture you can see that we had a lovely wall of paneling surrounding our fireplace and its 6′ mantle. Yeah, I know it looks small it’s that ridiculous mirror about it. This is what we found under the paneling:

Actually, this is what we did to the wall to make it resemble a wall. The two squares were simply boarded up with 2×4 s and all those holes? They were holding up scrap wood to make the paneling come off the wall a little. Uh, I don’t know.

Then I primed. Then I painted. Then I cried.

Huh? Confused? I’ll explain.

For as long as I can remember I have always wanted a red living room but when we first moved in I had purchased red accessories for the kitchen and you can’t have a red kitchen and a red living room unless your crazy. So I painted the living room Chocolate Cheesecake. How could I go wrong!? It was a nice light mocha and it was named after the best thing in the world. After mac ‘n cheese. Anyway

Since I am the semi-pro painter in the house, I went out and bought more paint. And now I have a red living room. :)

And what is that on the floor?! Nothing! Booty dance like your big sis taught you!

We couldn’t wait to pull that carpet up. Did I mention it was nasty? Remember that? Well, it got a lot worse before it got better.

As we rolled back the carpet this awful smell slapped us in the face. What did it smell like, you ask? Putrid, gag-inducing, decayed, rotten DEATH!

Do you see those lovely black spots on our otherwise spotless 1950s original 1.5″ hardwood planks!? ICK!

So. Gross.

We scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed some more. The best thing we found to lighten the spots? Our dog urine remover spray! Go figure!

Then our neighbor came over and this is what she said, “Oh yeah, you know, they said she fell off the couch before the ambulance got here and this is where the couch used to be, so…yeah, that’s about right.”

Death is a dirty business and someone didn’t earn their paycheck at our house. (Still don’t comprehend the nastiness of the smell? You excrete things when you die. Get it now? Ewie ew ew ew…)

So we did what anyone else would do who didn’t have the funds for a complete 1st floor hardwood refinishing job:

We bought a rug.

And a new couch. And a coffee table. And a side table. And a TV cabinet. And a TV. And a mantle. And a plant. (This photo is actually a fast forward of about 3.5 years).

And now you’re up to speed on our living room! It still needs baseboard and crown molding and a wall mount for the TV but it’s coming along quite nicely. And now I’m thinking we need a new, lighter, whiter coffee table. Any suggestions?

PP Any questions about how we did something or where we bought something? Wanna know where we scored our $20 mantle?! I’d be happy to answer! And what do you think of all that red? The first photos has more accurate color. Now I kinda want a new, lighter rug, too. :p

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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7 Responses to Living Room: A Journey

  1. Sarah says:

    Shotty on the rug if you get rid of it. And I do think you need a different coffee table. Lighter, but not white. White get too dirty looking. Good post.

  2. queenbee says:

    I am searching for a mantle, please share where you scored one for only 20 bucks, i would love to know. thanks a bunch

  3. Miss Em says:

    Sarah – if I “get rid” of the rug it will probably just migrate upstairs to Jerry’s office. :p Sorry! But I’ll keep that in mind.

    Queenbee – I found the mantle on clearance at Grossman’s Bargain Outlet ( this past fall. There were a ton left over from last winter. Originally priced at $150, I scored that one for $19.99!

    It is made of solid wood and MDF so it’s not recommended to stain it but paint takes to it really nicely. My boyfriend, Jerry, added the pieces that return back towards the fireplace on the inside to make it look more built in and original. People don’t believe it’s new – and that I got it for only 20 bucks!

    Oh, and welcome to The Purple Peach!


  4. sartenada says:

    The final look is awesome. I like Your way to document “Your life” with great photos and lovely texts.

    When we started to build our detached house, I took plenty of photos. Now 16 years leter it is a pleasure to look at them in our photo-album.

  5. Miss Em says:

    Matti –

    I love looking at old photos of our home – writing this post took me a couple of hours because I kept going back to look at all of the old pictures again and again!


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