Bathroom Closet Upgrade

This is serious stuff, peeps. No, it isn’t and wasn’t on my to do list but you know when you look at something for the millionth time and you just can’t stand to look at it any more?

Yeah, that’s what started our bathroom renovation and that’s what started this closet upgrade. Take a look at the before:

Okay, so this isn’t really a before but like I said when these things happen I need to do them and I need to do them now! It’s more of a “during” photo. Note the two shelves already on the floor and this:

…already taking up most of the bar. Do you think I have a problem? Because I know I have a problem.

There are several problems here, aside from my problem.

  1. Yellow walls (I’m beginning to think this is contractor yellow from the 50s b/c it can be found all over my house under wallpaper and chipping paint alike)
  2. Vinyl sheets covering each shelf (in two not-similar-in-any-way-shape-or-form designs)
  3. Nasty carpet still on the floor – GASP!
  4. Plus, it’s so cluttered it gave me nightmares.

What did I do? Luckily, I had the entire day off b/c once I realized I couldn’t paint the shelves a nice glossy white…

(What IS that? Who thought that would make a good shelf?! I demand you show yourself! As long as you haven’t already passed, in that case please just stay quietly where you are).

…to match their new, fresh, white, carpet-less closet.


I was able to find a marble pattern on shelf liners at my local Wally-World that worked magically over the less than perfect shelves. The cushy, grippy underside held everything nice and tight.

Just to be on the safe side (and because two of the shelves wouldn’t let us remove the old vinyl due to an absurd amount of glue holding it on) we decided to attack the shelves with the staple gun. And it worked wonderfully. :)

It looks a lot more blue in the closet next to all that white but our bathroom (the door behind the door) is blue so I think it will work. AND our threshold to the bathroom is marble so that works, too. :)

Thank you Duck Brand for having products that I need in designs I can work with!

Oh, I almost forgot. How about a cost breakdown?

  • Paint: Free (already owned from previous project)
  • Shelf Liners: $5.47/roll (I needed three – the bottoms of the shelves were just as wretched as the tops)
  • Shelves and Hardwood Floor: Free (oh, the joy!)

Grand Total for this Bathroom Closet Upgrade: $16.41 (plus tax)!

Beauteous! Believe it or not, a lot of stuff got the ol’ heave ho. (You don’t exactly expect me to donate used bath items?!) And we do have more than three towels…their buddies are in the wash. :)

PP What do you think!? Did I succeed at making it look better or is it just so so? Do you hate the liner I chose? Which would you have chose? Do you want close ups, Mr. DeMille? Do you have a closet upgrade that was better than mine? (If you can’t tell, I’m dying to hear from some readers! :))

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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6 Responses to Bathroom Closet Upgrade

  1. sartenada says:

    Good morning Emily.

    What a presentation!

    I loved explained texts with good photos to making clear Your thoughts. It was like a drama – what to next. The final result is gorgeus and I like those balanced colors.

    We do not have upgrading waiting, because we two “old” persons and everything is in as good condition when we moved to here.

    When talking about habits, I tell one more we have in our toilets. There are hanging three hand towels with texts: Matti, Anja and Guests.

    My greetings. Matti.

  2. Sarah says:

    OMG!!! It looks so good. You can always donate lotions to me. I could always use them and I am your sis so that is OK. When are you coming to my house to work on some projects??? I wouldn’t have gone with the faux marble look myself but it does match your threshold perfectly. So good job. Keep on conquering your to-dos!!! I am very proud of you.

  3. Miss Em says:

    Matti – Thanks! I’m glad you liked the post! In our bathroom Jerry and I have our own separate hand towels, too! We have only our initials on the hooks, not our whole names. But if you stick around long enough I will be posting all about the bathroom, too. We are currently in the process of renovating it. It is a lot of hard work!

    Sarah – It is so tempting to just call you with my reply but I’m not going to – I’m so glad you’re reading my blog! Can you believe I did this while on the phone with you all day?! ;) And I would love to help with projects at your house but they all include some sort of serious calculating…and we should leave that to the boys. When it’s time to redo the twins’ bedroom, call me.


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