Trial Tuesday: Scentbug

Here’s the deal, I’m not always smiley and happy and chipper and telling everyone how great things are. The truth is that sometimes things really disappoint me and I need to get them off my chest…and out of my living room.I was thrilled when I saw this little contraption at Bath & Body Works today. $6.25 on clearance (in store only – it’s a Christmas color) meant I could deal with the cherry hue. (The white one was only on sale for $10 so I bit my cheek and kept walking).

I used to use those rings that you put around your light bulbs to burn oils into the room but when we switched to CFLs…it didn’t exactly work. And that’s not for lack of me trying. Trust. This was the answer to my prayers!

Or so I thought. I could only smell the oil when I had my nose directly above the fan (having a rush of cool air up your nose is not the most pleasant). There is also a super annoying buzz while the thing is on and an even more unattractive green light indicating that the fan is on. Trust this girl, if you can’t tell it’s on without the light, you need to get your ears checked. Even Jer-Bear didn’t like it. And he doesn’t not like anything. You follow?

I did, however, also buy this:And I love it.

But, Emily, don’t you have a bazillion and one fragrances??? Why, yes, loyal reader, I do. And understanding and accepting my problem is the first step.

The second step is to ask the boyfriend what he thinks. And he liked it. So it stays. Best part? I didn’t even tell you the price: $4.87! For 10 oz! Read it again. You read it right. Read it again. Yep! Still the same!

Verdict: Go to BBW now! Their semi-annual sale is the best. There was a ton more that I wanted to buy but I’m trying to be good. So go buy it for you and tell me all about it!

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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