Trial Tuesday: Avon Lip Gloss

Okay, okay. I work at a beauty store and I would get a lot of flack for saying I buy makeup from Avon. But my twin producing big sister recently became a rep and I have to support her and those little babies, right?! Right. (I’m glad you agree).

It took me awhile to decide what to order (I have a ton of makeup, maybe someday we’ll play booty parlor get into that) and at the time I didn’t have too much moolah so I was perusing the clearance section and came across this:

Avon Plump Pout Lip Gloss. Typically, lip plumpers literally burn my lips and the surrounding skin but I figured, Avon probably has an inferior product to Too Faced or Bare Minerals so this might not set my lips on fire. I ordered two in Pink Pucker.

The color is super sheer with a hint of pink, it’s not too sticky, it doesn’t scorch my kisser AND it was only $1.99! If you know me, you know I love a deal. Now, I’m not too sure if I’ve seen my lips actually plump (to be honest I haven’t tried to catch them in the act) but it gives them a nice warm feeling which I love. Avon’s Plump Pout Lip Gloss has replaced my more expensive smacker slicks to become my numero uno, go to lip gloss.

The same day I purchased the lip glosses I picked up some fragrances – I don’t need more fragrance but these sounded nice. Fragrance? SOUNDS nice? I know, I know…but I’m supporting these babies, remember?!



So…I just checked and the two fragrances I bought aren’t for sale anymore but I like them a lot. I only wish they lasted longer! But let’s be real, a 1.7 EDT for $4.99? I think I’ll manage a few extra squirts throughout the day. And I’m on my way to purchase the body wash and lotion for one of them. (The other isn’t available otherwise I would – c’mon, they’re only $2.99!)

So even if you think you’re too cool for school Avon, like I did, go check it out. They prices are great and I’ve only heard great results from the people who use their products. Some of their Anew Skincare line has even won awards! And let’s not forget that Reese Witherspoon and Lauren Conrad are Avon ladies, too!

Don’t have a rep? Don’t worry! My sister, Sarah, is a rep and would be happy to be yours! You can order online and have all your purchase shipped right to you. And if you’ve forgotten (or your mouse is broken and you can’t scroll up) let’s look one more time at the little faces you’ll be supporting if you order from my sister:

Someday, ladies and gentlemen, someday… ;)

About Miss Em

I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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2 Responses to Trial Tuesday: Avon Lip Gloss

  1. sartenada says:

    Lovely children!!!

    I see, that You have the same habit than every one has in my country: To take shoes off when in home.

    With best regards. Matti.

  2. Miss Em says:

    Those little beauties are my sister’s identical twin daughters, Abigail and Emalyn.

    And yes, we always take off our shoes! Not everyone in America does it, though. I’m constantly asking friends to take off their shoes before they come in!


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