Christmas Cheer

I have a confession. It took me a long time to get into the Christmas spirit this year. Usually, I’m pulling the tree and giant rubbermaid containers from the closets as the clock strikes midnight on December 1st. (Because any sooner than December is too soon for this girl)!

Luckily, it hit me – and Jerry – just in time to decorate the house with enough time to enjoy it before we leave town for the holidays. JB even had some really fun ideas for decorating this year.

This is where we started:

Eddie. Hahaa – just kidding (but do notice the little Christmas trees on his bandana). :) I purchased the glass icicle ornaments on the real tree over the Summer at a thrift store that always has a Christmas section (holleeer). And I just really liked the idea of hanging the stockings on the three doors of our TV cabinet…even though we have a mantle. And no stockings is not an option.

Up next was the mantle. It’s so large that I actually took 2 photos instead of one. (One pic makes it look really bare and it isn’t…not really):

This is the first Christmas that we’ve actually had a mantle over the fireplace. Je l’aime. (Just sounded better in French). :)

I’m not crazy about how the red hurricane blends in with the wall but it gave me the height I was looking for. The little apothecary jar is holding the beginnings of my sea stone collection and I love my little wooden apple. He’s going to live here for a looong time.

The other side of the mantle has a clock scored for $5 at Tuesday morning years ago. It’s not really my style but it was one of my first decorating pieces I bought for our first place. The milk glass is vintage (and I have way too much milk glass but I can’t stop buying it). The little green votive holders were .99 from Target this year – oh, how they please my Jer Bear and his love of everything green. :p Also, the big bulbs used to be candles. I got them when I worked at Bath & Body Works at an after Christmas sale and saved them for a year before I lit them at mine and Jerry’s first apartment. Awr shucks, I didn’t realize how sentimental this mantle is…

Moving on!

This petite side table is tucked far in the corner (just like a misfit child, aka my sister Cate when she was little). ;) I couldn’t neglect it though. And look at how the blue and green of the bulbs bring out my favorite kind of peanuts! Just grinched those bad bulbs from my tree and plopped them into my awesome candle holders from CB2. Don’t you love how they blend in with the ornaments? *sigh* I do…

Anywho, I have a seriously silly, can’t believe it story about that $4.50 giant ceramic light right there…maybe after the new year? K. Oh yeah, the coasters are from my future sister-in-law, Sophia, the candle holder is from Target (and moonlights as a container to hold my make-up brushes when it’s not Christmastime), and the candle NEEDS to be mentioned. It is by Archipelago and I got it in a 3-pack for $4.99 last year after Christmas. Totally worth the wait (but are made of soy and should be stored upright…yes, I learned that the hard way, the way anything worth learning should be learned!)

Next up was my idea Jerry’s idea of what to do with the extra string of lights we had leftover:

Originally, JB wanted to put the string of lights around his bowling pin lamp (more on that later) but I thought it would look a little more strung out here (good for lights bad for people). So we gave it a shot and love it. It makes this empty corner a little more festive and is fun to see when you come down the hall. Ikea lamp – hacked! Sort of. You can also see above the chair that our arc de Christmas cards has begun! YAY!!!

Now, about that bowling pin lamp:

Ah, the infamous bowling pin lamp. Don’t own one? Too bad for you b/c Jer loves his. It was a gift from my step-mom to Jer on his birthday and it’s perfect for a bar. However, that being said, I would really really really like it if the bar was in the basement where it belongs and not in my living room but I digress.

Jerry lit up when he saw the tiny Santa hat in my hands (that I was trying to figure out where it came from and what I should do with it – should I hang it somewhere? should I throw it away?) He ran upstairs and returned with “playful” bear in his hands and a smile on his face. To finish of our corner of kitsch, I added a mini stocking (not sure about that one either) and filled it with some garbage plastic so it looked like Santa visits Mr. Bear on Christmas, too.


Did I startle you? I was hoping I would. The piece de resistance! (You know, b/c I’m in a french kind of mood today – which reminds me of another story for another time). :p Our tree is pretty traditional. Jerry would probably leave me if I only put white lights on the tree but I grew up with the colors, too, so I’m cool with it – for now. ;) Most I’m pretty sure all of the ornaments worth mentioning were gifts from (again) my step-mom (my dad may be included in these gifting opportunities, too, but one can never be too sure). teehee. There is this awesome Christmas shop in the town of Frankenmuth, MI where she got them all and though I have been to Frankenmuth myself, Jerry wouldn’t allow the crazed shopper in me to enter the football field sized Christmas store. :( Poo.

So that’s about it. We don’t get too into Christmas decorating (really) b/c we’re never actually home for Christmas. But I’m putting my elf foot down next year at Christmas and we’ll be caroling Christmas songs all day long in our own casa for the 0’10. C’mon, now, who can blame me for wanting a holiday in my own home after living here for 3 years?

PP Yes, we do also hide our Christmas tree behind the couch but it makes for better viewing pleasure from the most areas of the house. Where’s your Christmas tree? Huh?

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I'm Emily, he's Jerry. Newly wed but long together, homeowners since 2006, one child in cat form.
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